A little History?


I have known Jules for some 25 years now, from when we worked together at Schroder Securities in the City of London during the 1990’s.

Juliet was part of the Marketing and Events team at Schroders, and was engaged in supporting client roadshows and providing all of the logistics that the business leaders of smaller European Businesses required – including hiring small corporate jets and dealing with the – often extremely challenging – demands of their personal and professional agendas whilst travelling.

In the early 2000’s I was delighted to be able engage her now independent, virtual event management services in support of another investment banking operation with which I was involved. In this role she executed for me some five smaller company equity conferences over a period of 3 years, organising as host the delightfully appointed Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire.  These conferences are challenging events; the hours are long and organisers are frequently last to bed and first to rise. Her work ethic, reliability and professionalism did her considerable credit and attracted much applause from clients and companies alike.

More recently Jules was instrumental in helping to establish and market The Ivy House Day Centre, a unique, first of its kind and therefore best in class product for Dementia care, something which was recognised in July 2018, in the East Sussex Women in Business awards.

Jules was engaged help support the Business Management, Events and Marketing of Ivy in a virtual capacity. In this role she not only provided the day to day trouble shooting and management of the business but she provided a helicopter view of activities when required. Her role was critical to the overall success of the business and she worked hard with the team on developing the business’ success.  She may be justifiably proud of her contribution.

Juliet is an agile worker, has a can-do attitude and if she can’t do something she knows someone who can.  She is resourceful, honest and a delight to work with.

Graeme R Davies